I have been a patient of Dr. Chionchio for over 15 years now and I have to say, everyone on his staff lead by Annie has been so caring, attentive and professional during each visit. From my first consultation, Dr. Chionchio empathized with how my condition was affecting my daily activities & devised a treatment plan that would be most effective in pain relief. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable in how he conducts himself with patients. I highly recommend this doctor and Park Slope Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates.

— Pat. I.

As a professional clarinetist, it is critical to me how people work in my mouth. In December 2005 a large cyst was discovered in my right mandible. The surgeon who found the cyst proposed draconian and career-ending surgeries. Fortunately, a week later when my regular dentist saw the x-rays, he called Dr. Chionchio. Dr. Chionchio who was driving to his office, stopped at my dentist's office, looked at the x-rays, and said, "Come to Park Slope Oral Surgery tomorrow morning at 9 a.m." Dr. Chionchio was understanding of my need to continue performing, and he offered marsupialization as a treatment to reduce the size of the cyst. During the eighteen months of this treatment, I met with him frequently. He was not only thorough in his treatment of my dental condition, but also showed concern for my general, physical and emotional health. At every appointment, he studied me for any signs of emotional or physical stress. He kept my personal physician fully informed of my status. After eighteen months, the cyst had reduced to one third the original size. He scheduled surgery in a hospital for the removal of the remaining cyst. The operation was successful. Post-operation recovery was swift and painless, all signs of an excellent surgeon. The staff at Park Slope Oral Surgery is friendly and helpful. They handled the labyrinth of insurance forms efficiently and professionally. What sets Dr. Chionchio apart is not only his top-notch surgical skills but also his concern for the whole patient and the patient's family.

Daniel Harris

There are no words to convey on how important this Oral Surgeon is to me and my family. He saved my daughters teeth when every other Surgeon said to pull them. At the time she was 35 years old and devastated. Her mouth is not only beautiful, but she is also without pain. As far as I’m concerned if he cannot fix it no one can. He is the very best! His staff is wonderful as well.

— Andrea Pushkin

I have been seeing Dr. Chionchio for many years he is hands down the very best surgeon out there and his staff is wonderful as well.

— Meredith Sturiale

My family and I have been patients for many years. We are so pleased with the quality and friendliness we have recommended you to our friends and relatives. My regular dentist also raves about your work.

—Ted T.

What I like most about Dr. C is that he combines technical excellence with kindness and patience. As a doctor his work is technically impeccable, as a person he listens to you and makes sure that you feel comfortable and safe.

— Andrea Andrews

I have been a patient of Dr. Chionchio (Park Slope Oral Surgery) for 9 years. I have had 7 implants done in the past & currently in the process of having 2 more completed. My experience has been wonderful. Dr. Chionchio is very knowledgeable, caring & professional. The staff is very efficient & helps keep the patient calm & informed. Front desk personal is pleasant & helpful. Overall I would highly recommend Park Slope Oral Surgery as my experiences have been great.

— Daria Santori

Everyone from the front desk to the dental assistants are wonderful. Dr. Chionchio is the only oral surgeon for me. Experience, compassion and most of all gentle. This practice should be called no pain oral surgery!

— Victoria Rasina

I love this practice and I'm grateful Dr. Chionchio is still practicing. He is compassionate, caring and tells you exactly what's going on, what the best course of action is and the man has integrity. I had a wisdom tooth extraction 8 years ago done by him which was the best of the 4 extractions I've had done. Fast forward to earlier this month when I had an extremely painful and very scary dental emergency that he alleviated in less than an hour and had a treatment plan that is both sound and affordable. I saw another specialist one week prior to coming into his office and I left that specialist with my infection intact, in excruciating pain, having to care for my six month old with no treatment. Needless to say, I'm grateful to be on the mend with an action plan of how to approach the problem, in the clearest and most practical way. Thank you, Dr. Chionchio!

— Amber Eltieb

I just wanted to thank the office of Dr. Chionchio for making my last visit so pleasant. I generally dread any visits that have to do with my teeth but the staff at Park Slope is sensitive, caring and thorough. Dr. C has not only worked on myself several times but my children, as well. He is so gentle and conscientious that I could always count on a follow-op phone call to see how I was feeling and how the procedure was healing. My office visits generally are prompt and I very rarely have to wait more than few minutes before the doctor comes in to see me. I moved out of New York a couple of years back, but I keep returning to see Dr. Frank whenever I have an issue.

— Laura O.

Dr. Chionchio and his staff make you feel extremely comfortable. Everything is handled with the utmost level of professionalism and care from start to finish. This is my second time back to Dr. Chionchio for a tooth extraction and an implant, and I could not be happier with my overall experience on both occasions. He’s a superb oral surgeon. He was reassuring, informative and thorough both before and after the procedure. I expected to be uncomfortable during the extraction. I felt no pain at all. Five stars all the way.

— Connie G.

Dr. Chionchio and the entire staff at Park Slope Oral Surgery are phenomenal. They are always incredibly kind and caring and really work to make the entire process as comfortable as possible. Words cannot describe how happy I am with the results of Dr. Chionchio’s wonderful work. He meticulously prepared my teeth, advising me of each step. All procedures were entirely painless. I would highly recommend this fabulous team to anyone needing oral surgery.

— Gina I.

My family and I have had the good fortune of finding and using Dr. Francis Chionchio as our dental surgeon for the past 20 years. He is by far the best maxillofacial surgeon in New York. He is calming, patient and concerned about each of his patients to the point of doing follow-up phone conferences after surgery was performed days earlier. He has a gentle touch, whereby relieving the patient's fears as they sit in his dental chair. We have always come away from his office feeling relieved and thankful he alleviated our dental issues. As for his staff, they've always been very accommodating and helpful! As for the office setting it is always immaculately clean... pristine condition, to be exact! We have recommended him to friends and acquaintances through the years and they all made it a point to thank us afterwards. Dr. Chionchio likes to help everyone and make sure that each patient walks away with smiles on their faces. Words of comfort to anyone needing dental surgery… Call and book an appointment to see him. You won't regret it!

— Lisa G.

Every time I visited Dr. Chionchio, he provided me with gentle and effective treatment. I plan to continue recommending the services of Park Slope Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to my friends and relatives.

— Vincent S.



Dr. Sengupta is the best. I hated the whole idea of going to the dentist and when I finally did go for pain so bad I couldn’t chew I was told I had a broken jaw (which I actually broke a week earlier). I was rushed to Dr. Sengupta who confirmed it was broken and I needed to be wired shut. Just the thought of that was horrible but she explained my options, talked very calmly and reassured me it would be okay. The next day she performed the surgery and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. She was very gentle and made sure I felt no pain. Dr. Sengupta, Annie and the entire staff are caring, comforting, patient and considerate. You truly feel like they are there to help you. This is the place to go.

— Kamal Machicote

Dr. Sengupta is so professional, friendly, straight forward, and attentive. She explained everything about extracting my wisdom teeth and was honest. Jenny is great too and helped ease my nerves on my first extraction appointment. They are a great team and I knew I was in the best hands no matter how fidgety I got in the chair. I appreciate it so much and so happy extracting four wisdom teeth was this smooth and healed so nicely. I'll forever recommend this location. Thank you!

— Topazio Ramirez

I came in for a wisdom tooth removal with Dr. Trina Sengupta. She is absolutely fantastic. She did a great job explaining the process and post-extraction care. The procedure was quick and surprisingly gentle. I was comfortable and felt at ease. Thank you, Dr. Sengupta!

—Catherine D.


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